Holy potatoes

6x1 & 6x6


OMG Shawn. “I use the same thing in my yard for zombies. I tried land mines at first but you know squirrels” XD

For anyone who cares, I did a little comic about this *-*

Chris season 1: Dodgeball! Talent show! Cooking challenge!
Chris season 6: I am literally trying to kill these fucking kids

How everything started. Damn you, random character

Kid Shawn was chubby. I can’t get off about this headcanon.

You know what? I don’t care. I don’t care if everyone hates Dave. I kinda understand him. Not saying he is right or wrong, but when you lose control, damn is HARD to be yourself. Or it could be for some people. I think he just lost it, and Im sorry to say he is going to lost it another time

"Who is your favorite tdpi male?"

Jasmine as a kid I guess

Jasmine as a kid I guess